Next generation of
heart disease diagnosis

Ensuring that patients worldwide have
access to heart disease diagnosis
and treatment.

Cardio Intelligence Inc.


We support medical practices facing a shortage of cardiologists
by providing AI-based medical device software and cloud services.
Our aim is to build a brighter future by improving access to ECG tests
for arrhythmia patients and assisting them.


Providing every patient with the opportunity to receive diagnosis and treatment for heart disease.


Supporting medical professionals worldwide with technology.


Development of medical devices that are truly beneficial in the medical field.

CEO Message

Yuichi Tamura, MD, PhD
CEOYuichi Tamura, MD, PhD

"Reinventing" the aged ECG technology with deep learning.

While ECG has a history of over 100 years and is considered a "mature" technology in the field of medical examinations, it is still widely used worldwide. Many healthcare professionals, including doctors, spend a long time training to read ECG data, however they still fear overlooking.

Furthermore, in the 21st century, the technology for automatic ECG analyzing machine has not advanced. The technology of analyzing arrhythmia is a challenging area for classical machine learning. Consequently, there are still patients worldwide, not just in Japan, who do not have sufficient opportunities for examination, diagnosis and treatment.

To overcome such challenges, Cardio Intelligence collaborates between cardiologists and AI specialists. Then we develop an ECG analysis artificial intelligence (AI) with the specialized ECG knowledge and deep learning technology, going beyond traditional automated analysis machine.

This technology enables support for medical examinations even in remote area where there are no cardio specialists. Furthermore, by utilizing deep learning, it becomes possible to detect the subtlest signs that physicians have not noticed before, that leads to "reinvent" ECG technology and to provide new value.

We aim to create an environment where heart disease can be detected and treated as soon as possible by providing our technology and supporting the healthcare field.


SmartRobin AI Series is a long-term ECG analysis software that automatically detects atrial fibrillation (AF). AF is a major cause of stroke and can be prevented through early diagnosis and treatment.

However, detection of AF is difficult for non-specialists in the field of cardiology, and furthermore, ECG analysis is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

The quick ECG analysis by the SmartRobin AI Series will not only solve problems experienced by medical professionals, but will also contribute to reducing the burden of hospital visits for patients.

*This product is only available in Japan at this time.


In addition to the existing SmartRobin projects, following three pipelines are in progress.


CTO Message

Yuichi Tamura, MD, PhD
CTOTomohiro Takata, PhD

In order to reduce the burden on medical professionals and to make ECG testing more easily accessible, we are currently working on the development of medical AI for ECG analysis that possesses the same level of accuracy as a cardiologist.

ECG are often used in medical examinations and contain useful information about the health of the heart. However, they are complex entities composed of intercepted electrical signals leaking from the heart to the body's surface.

Cardiologists and physicians are able to quickly read useful information from ECG and apply it to treatment because of their training based on the results of medical science, which is the culmination of human wisdom. We are working daily with specialists to apply this human wisdom into our products.

Although AI has become capable of performing human-like tasks in recent years, they have achieved it in quite different ways from those of humans. Therefore, AI has the potential to perform tasks that humans are unable to do.

In fact, the AI we are developing can detect signs of arrhythmia from ECG, even if it doesn't currently show arrhythmia. AI is gradually becoming able to do things that are difficult for specialists.

We invite you to join us in opening up new medical possibilities of ECG, a biological signal that picks up complex information about the human body, through the lens of AI.

Company History

June: Acquired Type II Marketing License for Medical Devices. Acquired Medical Device Manufacturer registration.
October: Head office was founded at 35-1, Higashiazabu 2-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
August: Raised 35 million JPY in seed round funding
August: Adopted by the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED) as a Research Project for the Promotion of Medical Device Development.
October: Our initiatives introduced to four Asian countries as Japan Healthcare Services as part of the Asian Health Initiative promoted by the Cabinet Secretariat.
February: Raised 140 million JPY in Pre-Series A funding
June: Adopted by the PwC Foundation as a grant recipient for 2021.
September: Started joint development with JSR Corporation, a manufacturer of long-term ECG.
October: Adopted for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's 13th Subsidy Program to Support the Commercialization of Medical Devices
December: Obtained the First Product (Software as a Medical Device) certification
January: Obtained patent No. 7002168.
April: Launched The long-term ECG analysis software, SmartRobin AI Series
April: Received the "Medtec Grand Prize" at the 10th Medtec Innovation Awards
May: Head office relocated to 1-25-5, Higashiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
June: Obtained license to sell and lend highly controlled medical device
August: Raised 430 million JPY in Series A funding
October: Adopted for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's Advanced Medical Device Acceleration Project
November: Signed a business alliance agreement with the International University of Health and Welfare for industry- academia collaboration
November: Raised an additional 200 million JPY in Series A funding
May: Obtained the ISO 27001 certification, the international ISMS standard.
March: Raised an additional funds


Company Information

Company Name Cardio Intelligence Inc.
Location Head office: VORT Azabu East 2F, 1-25-5 Higashi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0044 Google Map
Established October, 2019
Paid-in Capital 865.12 million JPY (including capital surplus)
Representative Yuichi Tamura, President and CEO
Officers COO Mineki Takechi
CTO Tomohiro Takata
Our Mission
  • 1.Research, development, manufacturing, and sales of automated diagnosis systems using artificial intelligence
  • 2.Research, development, manufacturing, sales, patent licensing and contracted development services for computer software
  • 3.Research, development, import/export, manufacturing, sales, lending, repair, patent licensing and contracted services for pharmaceuticals, medical devices and other general machinery and equipment, etc.
Qualifications Class II Marketing License for Medical Devices (License No. 13B2X10429), Medical Device Manufacturer (Registration No. 13BZ201666)


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